by Acebloke
[AMT] Geekdash sequal
Welcome! Geekdah2, unlike its original focuses on pre-made puzzle maps.
Not only are the arrows returning, but they sometimes move continually.
There is many more components to look out for, some move differently.
Watch where you step too though, different levels have different rules.

Good luck going through all 35 levels!
If you require help, you can ask here for help: Here

Move your counter with the arrow keys, it moves in all 8 directions.
The aim of each level is to get from the green square to the red.
Sometimes there is switches which you have to bump into.
Later there are followers that need to be moved over to a pit.

*Note, its arrow keys rather than clicking this time*

This time, they are premade layouts, tested to death by me.

There are a lot more elements in this game, try figuring out what they all do !
What I will say is, you need "bump" into the switches to open the doors, just in case you cant figure that out. You can also, if against a solid object, walk into it to waste a turn, you'll need to do that on some levels.

This is single player only (please don't host, it'll stop people from logging in anyway).

v1.2 Updates

* Improved the interface.
* Cut down, then added the start message into being part of the first level, as opposed to taking up space spamming.
* Made the scoreboard as an alternative to the passwords.
* Fixed a minor bug with level 31.

v1.1 Updates

* Created a "The end" screen.
* Added an interface.
* Possible bug fix regarding followers and holes.
(no change in gameplay, but previously sent an error message out)
* Geekdash 2 award for getting all the way through the 35 levels.
* Added help to the menu.

Geekdash2 is now part of the "AceMedalTable" ! You can take part after gaining medals in this game by this link and following the instructions:
There is a bug in which the arrows won't move, making it impossible to get through.
The only quick get around I've found is to simply restart the game, using the password code to get back to the level you are on. I'll try and find a way to jumpstart it if I get round to looking at it again, thanks for pointing out.
I could not beat the level with the disappearing blocks , they kept crushing me. lvl(16 - 18)