by SSJ2GohanDBGT
Come join in a Dragonball experience that helped shape the genre on BYOND.
I dont guess any1 from the old days can code huh? you could code an updateted version. I still have all the icons
Isn't the files uploaded in the main page? If someone would host I don't even care about updates, this game was so awesome back in the day.
I work on NFF full time now a days but I remember that Clan DBGT 2 was the first game I ever played on BYOND. Sure miss those days hanging out with Ivel Shadow.

E.C., Lunar Legend, all the cool guild wars, Spike, James, Josh. Good ol days.
It would be so awesome if someone would host a server :'). i really liked this game.
I miss Skater, Sephy, Spike...actually no...fuck that guy... I miss everyone :(

- Yaotzin - Kool Aid Man - Kool Guy....
Does anyone have the source or host files for this? I miss the shit out of this game.
i found an old 2.6 host file. i cant get thru my router/modem cause im lazy email me and i send a zip if you wanna host. [email protected]
This is Tristan from the old days! We're hoping (me and Fading) to continue the project or at least host it. Trying to get the file from Skan.
I would love for this game to come back, updated or not. It was the shit back then it'll be the shit now. This is Bejike from back in the day. Glad to see members of the old community rallying together to try and bring back greatness!
I also have some host files. and if any1 is actually interested in updating I have a lot of updates (map wise) but I have NO coding... [email protected]
the game is back up for good now
may 10 2013.
clan dbgt2 is currently being hosted by zenzai this is may 10 2013. plz join to make the player base more interesting for newbies and oldbies alike. this is just a message to announce that clan is up once again in the hopes that new players will join the community. :
it's back?
can ayone link me the game if it is being hosted somewhere else???? pleaseee
dunno why but the game went offline again all of a sudden a while ago. such a shame. wish somebody could code the game from scratch, then we could add the updates Rem made ages ago T_T and isnt there any1 who wants to re-host? I believe I still got the host files
Someone host this! I want to lift some weights and eat some beans.
I will host, if someone got the host files for me.
Played this so much in the old days. I think the owner lost all the files, and although I could code most of the game it would miss out on probably half of the cool features it had, and even if not, all the time spend in it wouldn't be worth much because byond is just rly unstable/laggy XD

I could host aswell, but no idea if someone still got this after all the years passed. =/ Really to bad!
This is a blast from the past. This is Dan Hibiki(with my aptly named key.) I ran Youth League and I recognize most of these names here! Shoutout to Gumby Doom and obviously James (or fuzzy nipples as some liked to call him)
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