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Come join in a Dragonball experience that helped shape the genre on BYOND.
If this game is going online again i will play it non-stop again! Good memories on this game, one of the best set up rpg game i played! please go online again!
Boy do I miss this chapter of my life.
uh yea if anyone has the host files for this game I will worship the ground u walk on if u host or give me host files for clan dbgt2.
krasuar I remember u from long ago and I thought if anyone could find host files for this it would be u and yea seeing u post here is like a ray of hope for me. =D
If this game comes back online, definitely let me know. Email me a [email protected]
if someone wants to write updates to the source (found the source on my old computer) message me or email me at [email protected]
having been interested in the pokemon glitch community lately made me remember some of the cool exploits i thought up for this game which made me want to play it again

i'm sad that it's not a thing anymore and i kind of miss some of the people i played with 11-12 years ago. it would be super cool if we could have some sort of reunion

Wow, did not realize people still look up this game like I do. Some of the best gaming memories I have are from this game. I used to have the host files, but sadly I no longer have them due to my external hdd crashing. If anyone does get this game going again, I'd like to possibly help if possible.

Some may know me, I played as Itachi, Azazel, and Nethys.
Yeah, I'm hoping one day this game will enter a new hosting; was one of my favorite net hangouts back in the day. I never really got close with anyone in particular, but I played back in 2006.

If anyone can revive this, I'd love you for aaaaaaages.
Randomly was reminded of this game. I don't even know what year it was I played, but it was forever ago. Name was DarkCloud. Nostalgia attack: Never forget Lunar Legends, Hells Angels, ShadowBaneDynasty, waiting to 400 to use the dragonballs, blowing people away with ki, negotiating with people for the black star dbs, praying to RNG gods for a good DB stat multiplier, James, Sesshouraku, Sk8r686, Itachi, that human with the black cape and ridiculous pvp skills, the Cell guy every time, going mystic halfbreed and having ridiculous hp, afk dueling, running from ki in the secret room outside the map, and finally, that late night the blackstars glitched and I wished every stat then wrecked for an entire powerwipe. Good times, good times.
Oh man.. I also just had a nostalgia attack. I miss playing this game it's to bad it's been dead forever.
Post the source to Rapid Share or somethin. Gotta get my fix of disappointment.
God damnit... bring this game back!
If anyone has the host files I will be happy to host.
No one knows the owner? Forgot his name, could stalk him on FB for it. =P
In response to Kadaj Zaruna
James M-something.
Owell. the chance of finding this game or the owner is probably 0,1%. doubt even he has it still.
Move along nothing to see here... :(
When one of you assholes comes back. Write the formula for absorbing blasts...
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