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Come join in a Dragonball experience that helped shape the genre on BYOND.
It's back :O
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Clan DBGT 2 is back
Lel :D
Having trouble connecting to the online server :(, anyone has any idea what it might be?
Awww man all these old names memories galore
so miss this game lol was so funny. loved my cell char and always had fun with fighting deathdeath xd
Spike if you come back around, hit me up.
Damn even Gerard is here. =D Better start hosting again James!
Eraser was the best pvper in this game ;D

Also Death's his designs though.
I was hosting it but I never recived the full source code so I coulden't add to it or make it better I only mainly had the host files as I was host hopefully I can get the fully work source code
Ye that sucks, but the game never had any huge flaws though. Should atleast share the hostfiles :D
Sorry guys, I was hosting this back in 2013, my host files are gone now. I don't seem to have a copy of them anywhere anymore, if anyone wants to send me a copy I'll host 24/7 again. Permanently [email protected]
Wow, such a blast in the past coming back here haha. Somebody mentioned the human with black cape? You're lookin' at him. Legendary PVP skills are news to me, but that brought a grin to my face! I had this rocking/lame custom outfit I made up, with black eyeliner and a cross on my face, and a black-to-purple fade in my hair...

Kakesar was the name (alternatively Kahkessar and Acid Shadow).

It's so cool seeing so many people have come back to this forum to pop in. This game got me through some tough times in the high school days. Many, many days of school were skipped to play this at home on the 56K modem while mum was at work...

The good news is that I have the host files. I can't host because my upload bandwidth is shite, but I'll pop them up in Dropbox so anyone can grab them, and also will email them to Zenzar above.

Files are here:

The reason I came back to the forum was actually looking for tips for the game, because I was just hosting and playing by myself haha. Was feeling nostalgic over the Christmas break. Got myself up to level 400 and wished with the BSDBs but still couldn't kill Super Ii Shenlong, so that was that. Full disclosure, I botted the shit out of it. Never botted back in the day but holy shit the game is grindy. I guess it's easier to pass time when you're chatting...

By the way, the game features are so obscure! So much stuff it'd be impossible to work out if I hadn't found it in forums (planet coords? wtf) -- so I've included some of the info I found online in the ZIP file above, in case the other forum ever goes down and the info is lost forever.

James -- great work man, thanks for making such a fun game :) I reflect a lot on the design decisions and I think you might actually have invented the incremental game genre which is so big now..?
Thanks bud, I've copied the host files to where they will never get lost again. xD Will host soon.
I have hosted the game again.

My power plan keeps resetting and my PC is going to sleep stopping the game. I will look into it.

And fixed. I might look into moving this over to my webserver, but the CPU is much worse than my PC. The uptime would be much better because of Linux. We'll see.
How can I turn off the intro music, it keeps repeating all the time :D

If ya wanna join clan chat!
It's not every day a classic comes back to the surface, I didn't play this much but it was a staple for the DBZ games back in the day.
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This be me, hitting you up. Slightly late.
Going to Re-host later this week, Had to send my laptop for repair..And get a stable internet speed. 450 megs is what I have now..that's just download wise. I plan to re-host actively..I Will every now and then check up on if somethings going amiss like if sagas get too hard etc. Just throw me a personal Byond Msg and ill reset it xD
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