Sigrogana Legend

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend
Multiplayer fantasy roleplaying. Only roleplayers need apply. (No longer updated.)

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An original roleplaying game set in a fantasy roleplaying environment, aimed to be a fun roleplay environment for roleplayers, but not at the expense of the game itself. Who says good roleplay and good gameplay can't exist together?

Game Features

Character Creation: A simple yet detailed process helps players make characters unique. A variety of skills, abilities, classes, and races aid creation of characters that will rarely be exactly the same.

You, too, can play great classes like...
Detective - There's dames to be saved! Detectives use a multitude of handy gadgets (that are always more than meets the eye) to solve cases and fight crime.
Learned/Rhythm Magicians - There's no good RPG without their share of the arcanely proficient. Magicians in Sigrogana Legend make use of a plethora of Arcana (so many and so much more to come) to further their goals.
Rune Magician - When one goes to calligraphy camp as a Rune Magician, it's to learn how to more efficiently blow stuff up than anything. These mages utilize pre-made Runes, which act as anything from land mines to a scrying eye (or even both!) on anyone unfortunate enough to step on them.
Summoner - It's okay to need help. Summoners are quite eager to rely on beings called Youkai - aspects of mythology and psychology, or the just plain weird, to do their dirty work for them.
As well as at least five other ones described in-game!

Character Housing: Each character starts play with a DISCer; an invention of Karaten which creates access-ways to demiplanes, which can be customized by the player. This invention can be used to create personal quarters, inns, shops, or anything you can come up with!

Turn-Based Battle System: Fully-functioning original battle system which takes place right on the map where it started. Radial menus and special on-map selection options help take the monotony of input-based games away.

Extensive Crafting: A lot of work has been put and is still being put into the various Craft skills of the game; if you dislike progressing your characters solely on combat or roleplaying, crafting rewards experience appropriate to your result. Items that are crafted poorly reflect as such in the game; and items that are crafted well have certain bonuses attached to them.

There are currently over 100 different food recipes, and the quality of the ingredients makes a difference in the ending dish. Are you a bad enough dude to cook them all?

Progress/Game Screenshots
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