by Dalze
An ORPG where you can:Join in a siege,be in a party,ride a dragon across the skies,try to get the legendary GoDForge,duel your friends,or kill the monsters that are destroying the world !
Version 85 currently has:

Bows And Arrows:Why stand there and use melee when you can shoot arrows at your enemy! With realistic arrows (they slow down and fall down, time it is in the air depends on your Strength.)
Better Siege System:There was a bug that would let you tear down the walls even if a siege wasn't happening, that is now fixed.
GoDForge:The amazing GoDForge quest has another one of the ingredients to collect.(GoDForge is best item in game and there is only one EVER.)

Subscribers get these benifits:

Orion Class:
Which has every Skill and Spell.
Can use every weapon and armor in game.
Are the only ones who are able to own/sub-own houses.
Get GM level Minister.
Can enchant armor.
Their HP/Sp respawns faster.
Get more natural attributes per level.
Also they gain NATURAL Armor class(1/5 chance of getting an armor class per level!)

You can download your own copy of FF1 at!

NOTE:FailedFate 1 is no longer supported by me, so if you play it, have fun, but I will not be helping you if things happen.