Sonic Project

by Demon Wrath4
Sonic Project
A sonic project I put together in my own time.
Basically the only thing you need to do is collect rings and chaos emeralds as well as battle other players.

The rings are basically health that you lose when you're hit in combat.
The chaos emeralds grant you the ability to go super after you have collected all 7.

You gain new abilities as you go super more. For example, after you go super twice you gain your second move.

Unfortunately since I have no NPCs in the game, you can't really do much without some other people to be competition in looking for the chaos emeralds.

*I do not own any of the icons.
cool but someone host i want to meet peapole
hey is this really gonna be up?
This is suckish.
There was nothing to do but get some damn rings all day long.
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