Naruto: Way Of The Shinobi

by Axerob
Naruto: Way Of The Shinobi
Celebrating 15 years! Daily updates.
3.1 will be releasing 4/25/14. I finally found a server.
Rob can b sup long time like auto. You press hit log one time and it keeps hitting log till u press it again same for shurikens. Just like this game : Dragon Ball Supremacy. It makes it easier to do other things on the computer and would/could possibly attract more people to the game. Thanks
-Youji, Mondai aka Suwoop.. If you need a GM lemme kno
God damn it, Rob! Your post yesterday got me hyped because I haven't played this in so long and now the server still isn't up. ;_;
wow this game was here when i first joined byond years ago.......the old days.this game has very good game play and i wish is was up for download its a classic and it tank the years and is still here good job.keep the commandments of the lord jesus and u will gain everything in the world <captain planet> the power is yours!!!!!!!!! - The average WOTS player when the server goes down.
Ok so now, i'm on deployment in the middle of the pacific ocean and wanted to check on the status of this game. Even though i'm serving my country, i'm still looking forward to this game.
The game will never be up for more than a month unless Rob gives me privileges to code updates.
Sell the old WOTS info to me
jouvanni i wanna buy your game
BRING BACK NWOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THe game is back up!!!
^Alright since 3.2 is never coming out!
In response to Subzero Degrees
Silly DM, never count WOTS out.
Lmfao....Don't even bother anymore you gave people false hopes. We all know it isn't coming out. If by some chance when Camels fly, that you do bring it out just to spite the ones who stopped caring, it wont last. Save us the disappointment bro...smh
Hey guys, if rob says there's hope have hope. He took down the current version that was up for a reason, to save money so he can afford to host the full version of what he truly wants us to play. I never gave up on WoTS even back when I couldn't adapt to 2.0 and quit; I thought "well, I'll come back when 3.0 is up or something," and kept checking on updates. Even after the most recent spell of 3.1 demo and like 8 players being online at time, I played and believe our community would fill again and still do. Now I'm not ready to jump this awesome ship if Rob is still the captain because I know he wouldn't make us wait for no reason. Just have patience, soon we'll be killing each other with ninjutsu! Until then have words of encouragement for Rob and anyone else working hard on our shinobi universe, and practice your 8 directional techniques!

Asakura the Fan Ninja (CLOUD VILLAGE FOR LIFE!)

Sincerely, Shine :)
Wth Rob a server is $5 a month. Shit let me host, I have Google Fiber :D all the bandwidth you need. #WhatsLag?
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