Naruto: Way Of The Shinobi

by Axerob
Naruto: Way Of The Shinobi
Celebrating 15 years! Daily updates.
Game not coming back ever because Rob quitted. Niggas waited for basically a year and no results. RIP my favorite game on BYOND man because I'm a realist and already knew the game wasn't coming back the day he took it down.
Ok seriously what's the problem on why the game isn't up for 7 months? Updates? Hosting Issues? Staff Issues? I wish someone *Rob* would reach out and give us some sort of explanation on this issue. Some of us are actually willing to help.
I have been silent before I was always the weakest hyuuga but I had hope please bring back some information of anything regarding this game!
Hey guys the game was up yesterday!
bring the game back up! im bored lol :p
I missed the game when it came back up, I guess it was taken down again. That right there guys shows us that Rob has not given up. He probably had that up as an alpha and the beta will be posted later this month. I have hope guys, this is still my favorite thing on byond and probably the best MMO I have ever played. If you think the same, do not give up!
I have lost touch with BYOND but Rob was always a great guy and this game was one of my favorites.
Oh Man I saw it on today I'm re-downloading byond right now to see if i can get on even a few minutes before i go to sleep!!!
Rob please never give this dude Jun gm ever again. He killed the whole wipe
Is this current?
This is sad cant terrorize anyone any more with my Sharingan :( - Rienku
Rienku's back time to bring the game up Rob!
so is the game coming back up or nah?
When will WOTS be back up?
Is it ever coming back? O:
when will be back nwots ?
WOTS is returning in September... STAY TUNED
really, it's coming back in sep?
Aye put it up Rob, Stop playing.

-J.R. Writer.
Its almost November and the game not up lol. Empty promises
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