Duel Monsters Expert

by Devourer Of Souls
Duel Monsters Expert
An online, manual version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG.
Duel Monsters Expert is the first manual Duel Monsters game on BYOND. It provides players with an interactive interface to create decks and duel other players, as well as a massive library of cards; featuring all cards from the TCG and the OCG, as well as thousands of anime and manga cards from the original series, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and others. In addition to the nearly 3,500 cards that fit these criteria, there are thousands more of Duel Monsters Expert exclusive cards made by the creator and the players.

Game Features
·A huge card database featuring over 6,200 cards.
·Long list of player icons, ranging from the original anime to the more recent Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
·Frequent updates.
·Weekly tournaments for players to compete in to earn Tournament Points and Trophies.
·Riding Duels!
·Intelligent (if quirky) community.
·Drag and Drop dueling, exclusive to Duel Monsters Expert.
i've been waitin for an hour to play
how do you make a deck on this game i cant figure out how to lol
Why dont annyone just host a ****ing game?
This is just so gay! I have whaited for like 90 min!!!
We prefer to have trustworthy hosts over 24/7 availability. Dante does a great job keeping a server available most of the time, so no need to freak out when his server is down.

Further spam of the discussion here will result in ingame bans.

It will be up when it's up, no whining.
Ok sry for freaking out.
I can't host because my damn internet is out, stop spazzing out and just join Knight's server if you really want to play.
Hey whats up? ^-^
this is whats upp. the servers are down all the time so we cant play this REALY nice and funny game!
wtf why in the fucking hell dont annyone just host a fucking game?????
All right, last warning. Whoever whines about the servers being down will be banned ingame.

To the people who read this page and wonder why there's no server: Dante, our main host, currently doesn't have access to an internet connection and as a result cannot host. Knight has been generous enough to host in his stead, but he prefers not to leave his computer on while he is asleep. Therefor, his server won't be up for the whole day. Since we don't want to deal with abusive hosts, we prefer to hand out the host files to thrustworthy people only, so this is unfortunately the only option right now.

To the spammers below, shut the hell up. To everyone else, we apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand our current situation.
I understand, I could be a host but it wouldn't help much since I don't wanna leave my computer on at night either. So uh, I kindda understand why it's down. There's nothing we can do about it so lets just wait for it to get up! You need a break sometimes anyway, am I right? Now I'm going for a short walk. :D ( I'm gonna play this game for the first time in a while once it gets up. )
Hey guys?!?!? why have i ben banned???? I did shut upp!!! This issent fair. :´(
PLS! Just take this bann away PLS i diddent say annything after the last warning!!! And the servers are upp now so i wont say annything again!!! pls
DukeZero pls take this ban away if you did place it on me and i wont spam annymore stupid messages just bec the server are down. i just wanted to play this game so bad. thats why i did say those things.this is one off the greatest duelmonsters game i have ever played!!!
He gave you plenty of warnings and told you why it was down plenty of times. You'll be unbanned when you get unbanned, just deal with it and remember to shut up when told to shut up. >________>
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