Scarey Game2

by WildBlood
Scarey Game2
Scarey Game2: Total Slaughter
Just like every good horror movie the slaughter must go on (and on and on and on.....) Welcome to SG2: Total Slaughter! you take part as either hapless victim or blood crazed psycho in the tunnels of Subway Station 669 your mission is simple, kill the psychos as a victim, or as a psycho leave all you encounter a bloody heap of unreconizible body parts!

(This game is the sequel to the SG and SG:remake)

Game contains: Blood, Gore, Suggestive Themes, Stupid players and things that you usually dont find just laying around in a subway station.

Disclaimer: This game is ment to be played in fun, anyone caught killing people irl and blaming me will be fined 50 dimes and banned till they get parol.
Nice game but sunday the 13th copied it
Hi all

BYONDPanel is hosting this game for all your entertainment!


BYONDPanel? Hosting? Where?
BYONDPanel was* hosting this game, I hosted for around a month...

If you want I can put it back up?