Naruto Dance of the Lotus

by Mizukouken Ketsu
Naruto Dance of the Lotus
English Dub ~ 24/7 ~ RP/PvP ~ Original Gameplay and Map
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Naruto: Dance of the Lotus is an RPG/PvP game featuring a fully automated rank-up system from Genin-Hunter Ninja, original mapping, ability to make a custom clan name, in-game events, and much more!

Submit your ideas for the NEW game HERE! Naruto ADHD! 100% original!

Owner: Kitty (Spunky_Girl)
--------Wolf (Demonking2002)
Host: Airfore Hosting
Admin(s): none
Enforcer(s): Icari (Hocus)
------------Type Zero (Shad0wSlay3r)

Contacting the owner(s)...
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: MeluvdaKitteh
Email: (same as MSN)
We use the same emails and messengers so using any of these will put you through to either one of us

~If you have an ideas for missions, please suggest them in the forums!~


~ Tournaments (Every Sunday!)
~ [Want to suggest your own ideas for events? Go to the forums and speak up!] ~

Hokage: Genji2 (Narutosfather)
Kuso Joutei: Sangha (Supersaitan4_ultimategoten)
Amekage: Yurokei (Kongoro)
Kazekage: Genshin (HayabusaR)
Otokage: Rex (Kujothegod)
Tsuchikage: Algol (Mr. Algol)
Raikage: $Ballin$ (Ballinevryday)
Yuki Joutei: XFrost (XxXIce_MasterXxX)
Mizukage: Burning_Pheonix (Jason1992)
Waterfall Hero: Zeke (DMC Nero)
Akatsuki Leader: Duke (???)
Sound Organization Leader: Type Zero (Shad0wslay3r)
Seven Swordsmen Leader: Icari (Hocus)
Hebi Leader: Jack (The ss4)

*Staff members and Kages/Leaders who are inactive for 1 week will lose their rank!*

Visitor Map
it's a cool game but it needs more chuunin exams!!!
I should add, now that there's a comments system, that I cannot update the game as-is since I do not have the source files for it. Click here for the hub of the replacement game for DotL.
Im sorry to say but the game icon is a rip from another game called guildwars. The skill is called lotus strike and this is its icon. >.< dude you cant go ripping from other games gawd
i hate when in some games it write "100% original gameplay and map"
and when you log in its just a Nbotls rip whit chnged icons.
Uh oh wipe time :DD
Not the pwipes :S
the best role play ever

just opened
This game has very low standards =/.
Kool game, everybody Join!!!
Good game,Though Its a Rip.
2 **
this game sucks dont join ._.
Legitz wrote:
this game sucks dont join ._.

Er.. This game rocks Join!
This game is shit haha. And I'm the one who made it :P

Better game:
When will the game be up again?
Ikr i keep wondering when it will be up. It used to be my favourite game. Now it's not up anymore. :(
I'm very mad this had to go down.
When will the game be on again?
it was on yesterday? but mabey you just are creating updates i guess
can you put the game back on?
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