Hogwarts: A History

by MZMDProductions
Hogwarts: A History
I'd play this for sure! I wasn't around way back 3 years ago. But from what I've seen and heard it looks good!
H:aH is back under development under this hub as we couldn't access this one anymore. http://www.byond.com/games/Raimo/HogwartsaHistory
it would be nice if the game is back , BRING IT BACK , or unless post a source files so we can host/dev the game
Bring Back H;AH 2014
Please bring it back
I've never played before, but any HP game on Byond is a good thing in my opinion! :) Bring it back!
I'd like to see this back.
2016 AND still wish i was playing this D:
It's half of the 2016 and I'm still hoping for this game to come back.
I still have the source code for this game, as I was a former developer. I can't host the game as I no longer have access to the game hub with the password. If Max is still interested in having this game live I can have a 24/7 host set up with no issues.
Such a classic
id like to see it back, i'd even host it
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