Naruto: A Ninja's Life

by Chibi-Gohan0
Naruto: A Ninja's Life
Version 3.0 being remade from scratch to make the game better than the previous versions.
Naruto: A Ninja's Life or "NANL" for short was a game i originally made to "counter" all of the naruto rips. First 20 people to register and post in the announcements section of the forums under Closed Testing will be accepted as a closed tester.

NANL History:
Version 1 - Great Success, though generic gameplay
Version 2 - Failure.
Version 3 - We'll see, We've got ideas that no other naruto game has, and I, Chibi-Gohan0, am ready to code them. We hope to see you on the game when it goes public.

Coder: Chibi-Gohan0
1. Disturbed Puppy
2. Sara0