Stray Games

by Falacy
Because BYOND.
Keywords: box, zombies
1. Use wood from trees for people to make barricades but the barricades have set HP

2. Different type of Box Zombies :
Box Dog Zombie
Box Head with blood trail
Big Box with cut out eyes
Box body with pumpkin head

3. Vehicles

4. Turrets controlled by an NPC bot

5. A base where you can buy stuff and protected from the Zombies.

6. Modes and Maps
Team Survival/Zombies(one team) vs. BoxGuys (another team)

Dark Forest
Abandoned School (with zombie box students)

7. Customize BoxGuy

2. Read my ideas I posted.
3. He said they're coming.
5. Don't we already have one? c:
6. There should be more area later on from what he said.
7. Planned most likely.
Sorry, I never looked back on any other posts so i didn't know what was planned or not.
It's all good :D , We both want a dark forest -3-
We need a dark forest! :D Especially maps and game modes. A dark forest will be a perfect place for a zombie raid and it should be dark.
Wheres your concept art!