Dragon Ball Z Heroes United 3

by Super Gohan Mistic 25
Dragon Ball Z Heroes United 3
Game Based on Dragon Ball.

Welcome to Dragon Ball Z Heroes United 3 Maked By Super Gohan Mistic25 .You can Select More than 20 Characters you Have New Skills, Fusions, 0 Lag, More Commands, Incremented Wishes, New Train GYM All New.Edition 3 of Original Dragon Ball Z Heroes United.

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Welcome to my game post all comments here. ^_^
can i host it?
and it a great game
when is the game live?
when can we play it and will we still be able to load our profiles on it from the other dragon ball z heroes united game
can i host a game
yay im gonna play da game again ^^ thank you so much ^^ ill subscribe soon ^^
why cant i play
how do u make ur own games
let me host a game it will become more populer
why isnt the game working?
i need to find out were he lives i can find anybody
plz someone make over hero united it was awesome
hey just make the game
I would love to host this game! Is there a way to download it too?
Braemon BITCH!!!!!!!

when is heroes united 2 coming back online
how can you make the game?
http://www.byond.com/games/Chriss_uchiha/ DragonballZTheLastStand
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