Solar Conquest

by Foomer
Solar Conquest
A game about taking over the solar system before your enemies do!
In the very distant future, the human race has expanded throughout the galaxy. Although humanity once achieved its goal of unification, when mankind became advanced enough to travel freely across the stars, that dream crumbled. The human race came to be divided into a number of factions and a constant struggle for power ensued.

Not long ago an unusually rich star system was discovered, and the resources within this system hold the promise of power to anyone who possesses it. Several empires have sent colonization fleets to stake their claim, but only one can have complete control.

Will it be you?

Please post details on problems or gameplay suggestions at The Forum.
Epic Game, For once you need stratagy
True Epic.

Sadly no one hosts it. I would be happy playing this.
Xadux wrote:
True Epic.

Sadly no one hosts it. I would be happy playing this.

Eh if I didn't have a stupid retarded bigpond router that resets the IP address everytime I try to apply my port forwarding settings I'd definitely host.
I <3 this game. Been playing it since '09. Very fun and addicting.
I'll just go ahead and leave a 24/7 server up....
wheres the server :(
the game needs full screen its to damn small
Back then that was full screen for me.

I was also rockin' the 256 ram.
Nice job. Fun game. But two problems:
1) Can't pause
2) Game hanged... not completely but most of hte client wouldn't respond. It happened when I was clicked on one of the upgrade sections for a planet.

Resolution is low but probably only problem for bigger resolutions.