by Mizukouken Ketsu
Ready to go, but constantly striving to get better:
Welcome to the Village Hidden in the Valley. This is a simple, yet growing village hidden away in a remote area. Have you ever wished that you could experience what it would be like to live the life of a ninja in the popular world of Naruto? This is that place. You'll be immersed in daily RP like no other, experiencing life from a simple student to a powerful Jounin. You may even exceed all expectations and become the Sawakage one day. Anything you want to happen, can. With a little faith, and a lot of dedication.

This is a pure Role playing game. I am a current player, and one of the oldest, of HWC. While I love that game as much as I love the idea of building this one into something much better, I must insist that you don't judge us based on, "Hey, the icons are the same. Why don't I just play the other one, it already has some players." Because I can rightfully say this game's overall experience is aimed to be different. I could begin listing reasons as to why the two games are completely separate, and both are enjoyable to play in their own ways, but I will simply point out one of the thing that sets us apart from HWC.

We have a Stat system. It is purely cosmetic, which means that it too is part of the role play. You won't go into the game and immediately be told to hit a log for a couple hours, and then walk on water. No, you will enter the game and begin your life as a student. The choices you make in every day life will contribute to these cosmetic stats, as a show of your accomplishment for your hard work and dedication. This also solves arguments if you were to participate in a role play spar with another player, because you will both know who is better at what, and the other will not be able to argue that he is faster or stronger then you if he isn't.

So in closing, welcome to Sawagakure, a village of dreams. Your new life awaits!