Freeze Tag HideAway

by Gaming Asylum Productions
Freeze Tag HideAway
With a Nintendo character under your control, you either run and hide from or chase your friends in many classic levels. With different modes of playing tag, you can run for your life in a quick game of Sudden Death or last as long as you can in Survival.
RIP FTHA, you were a lot of fun while it lasted :/
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NutellaMe wrote:
RIP FTHA, you were a lot of fun while it lasted :/

It still has a future ;D
I look forward to this game coming back. Had a lot of good memories playing it :)
KetchupKid, what's the deal? Mind at least giving it an official ending instead of leaving it sorta vague?
I'm surprised there are still fans hoping for a return. Hopefully FTHA comes back!
Hey guys, I've tried to get on some of the servers that have been hosted recently and haven't actually been able to join in on the action. About 98% of the time the game window doesn't fully extend and everything is squished in to a smaller game window leaving only the whisper button and player names visible and nothing else. If anyone knows what's up, please let me know. Thanks :).
I do apologize for never finishing the remake. I ran into problems with it, which I couldn't recover it from(no clue what happened). I then started to rewrite it again, but with the plan for jumping, elevated flooring, and hiding behind the elevated floors. Since then I've had financial problems, which means all my time goes towards work. I just got a promotion and pay raise, so I'm hoping my life will settle down a little and I can have the leisure of programming again. I may not finish the remake, because it doesn't have the same feel as the original. I do, however, want to update the current version to be more stable and add pixel based movement and pixel based collision(this would take a while with all the icons). I'll be moving in a couple months, once I'm settled in a new house, I'll update you on whether or not I think I'll be able to work on FTHA.
It's great to hear about the future updates. I hope to hear more.

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