Kindom Hearts Bonds Of Blood

by Jerrodmat
Hey come on in this is gona be the best kingdom hearts game ever need a coder at the moment and if your interested add me to your pager so we can talk My key is Jerrodmat .Will you give into the dark or enbrasse the Light its your call
Hey This is Jerrod here if you happen to be a coder looking for a job you free to ask me Add me to your pager and talk to me when i get on k

Main owners:Jerrodmat
co owners:(coder)KingdomHeartsQeen
mapper: Jerrodmat
iconer: Open
admin:Waiting for admin to be chosen
enforcer:still waiting on ppl to be picked for a chance at gm
/////////Jerrodmat rocxx//////////

P.s. i can code just i am not good at codeing
can i be your host
Genesiz wrote:
can i be your host

Yes you can
this game is barilly in the makeing so just hold with us plz
If U need a GM i'm here also i can make a fourm aswell
could i be a enforcer