Naruto The Final Battle

by Matt3151
Naruto The Final Battle
Naruto: The Final Battle 3.0 Coming Soon!
Dammit really wanted to play
There are absolutely no game on byond that is like this naruto please keep it this way by adding some updates If u can
So why the hell the game is stilll not on????????
In response to ELANIT
ELANIT wrote:
So why the hell the game is stilll not on????????

So why the hell don't you get a life? I guess you have a facebook, then follow this page on facebook

The game is expected to be up the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Well i do have facebook and i do have a life so idont spend my time cheking on facebook and i dont know what the fuck its thanksgiving
Yet you have time to keep complaining here..smh.
Also, even heard of google?
Hi mom..
welp looks liek we just got ddosed
Hello why dont you stop playing a game thats frustrating and start playing a game thats recently upgraded! Naruto Ninja Faith and easy balanced game with exceptional staff and player support. Join us:
How the hell is that anything to do with this game? You are not going to get many players by insulting this game (which most likely is where its fans will be) and telling them to come join your supposedly "it's better cos its newer" naruto game. Face it guys; all byond naruto games suck (joking, no need to start raging below me)
Looks realy nice, if u need host i can do 24/7. Mail me [email protected]
This game needs a good host. Someone actually reliable.
you right i want to play evry day not 3 times in a week
Be quiet
The game is being updated and will be up today.They do have a good host its just that they r updating
oh so iam sorry if i was rude in some way i didnt meant to say roy isnt a good host just didnt know why the game was down for 2 days
Does the game need to be back on today?
No one ever knows when the game will be up, it is usually always random. So just wait.
Yes but according to heads commend the game needed to be on yestarday and now you say that no one know iam kind of confuse
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