Naruto The Final Battle

by Matt3151
Naruto The Final Battle
Naruto: The Final Battle 3.0 Coming Soon!
Sarah_Sarah, please dont try this. You were looking for people to work on your game while playing my game, sorry, but that is quite rude and agaisnt the rules.
hi uh i have a question

Welcome BYOND! (4.0 Public Version 479.1086)
Logging in...connected
Logged in as GokuDeath.
Connecting to byond://
Banned by host:
Looking for People to work on game
Access denied.
Connection failed.

why can i not join the game?
unbann me pls
goku i think Sarah_Sarah means u..
cant log on the game at all
matt bro can you help me please i something recoded and can you unban me form host list please
What jutsu do gaara get at lv 1000
so i got host banned for no reason... never disrespected anyone... not even muted i got host banned for asking to be unbanned for asking a question
Wow, sooo many bans this wipe.
All of you need to go to the forums and make a punishment appeal.
Put the game up dude i miss it :/
i used to play it still do love it but why cant people get uchiha until jounin rank?
I did that to stop the flow of people that only play because they make to Uchiha. The "Better"/"Easier"(Sometimes harder) to play clans are locked so only people that know the game (Getting Jounin) can have access to them.

It isnt that hard, but it takes time.
Matt, why the game is down? T-T
No info about it on forums either.
Obviously he's going to make A(n) easter event.
ok matt
when is the game going to be up?
i glad i know the game and a easter event it make not happen lol....
whens the game gonna come back :( i wanted 2 get bow i was so close
I gotta choppa in ma caaa! unhhhgg!
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