Naruto The Final Battle

by Matt3151
Naruto The Final Battle
Naruto: The Final Battle 3.0 Coming Soon!
dude.. its just a joke people do calm ur tits... yes some people on this game r no lifes o.o but still
Add more justsu's for more clan in the game or game isnt so cool but it's the best anruto game atm
It will cool if we could have more clans, and obviously... Girl Clothes ._. . Tenten Clan is cool, you could add contracts to ¨Kuchiyose no jutsu¨ Kunais, Shurikens, Like Tenten *=*
can i be unbanned.. im ip banned.
that took the squad system????
Whats wrong with game why is it not available to play
hey hey hey hey hey ... Why does not this game available?
o.o wat happen
nd wats fourm link
hey Matt did i get IP banned my persons name is Inaka Unuzaba and my IP thingy is CODMW2FAN and at 8:22 i froze up and tried to relog and it says "Connecting to Byond then the number thingy and then ... failed... so i wanna know if i got IP banned and why if i'm inosent please unban me
mine did the same thing
BattleTurtle548 wrote:
mine did the same thing

Same here....
ever think dat they are testin sumthing nd dont want u in da game o.o
Fun game, Original, iconning is decent.

Download and play
hey matt i got jounin medal how come i cant choose uchiha or rikudou clan?
@Anhvany3u3m.So you delete your character and create another with the clan
what you want.
@ the tenten clan thing, Tenten isnt a clan its just a thing she knows how to do -ithink- matt only adds ---->CLANS<---- he wont add stuff like tenten. if u wanna be tenten pick a throwing clan or pick non clan and then throw train ;3. the game crashed wat i heard it will be up again when he wants it up
i can nont join this wonderful game it keeps saying this

Banned by host:
Looking for People to work on game
Access denied.
Connection failed.
When is next wipe?
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