Corrupted Destinies

by Von Fanel
Corrupted Destinies
A semi-active RPG which requires skills and reflexes in order to survive.
To attack, click the skill you want to use in the skill bar to the right, then wait until you hear a noise, then click the enemie. It has to be in your weapon range to be able to attack them. Experience may change during online play.

By donating 10 USD with PayPal you will be able to unlock the following classes: Cowboy, Duelist, Samurai, Boxer, Time Mage and Blacksmith. No refund, the classes may be edited, some removed or added at any time. Using this method will get us to be more motivated to work on the game.

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Owner: Von Fanel
Classes Artist: Ssjeice
Turf Artist: Unknown
Monsters Artist: Unknown
Current Monsters Artist: Ginyu
Current Banner: Deffy
Current Host: Unknown

Looking for: GOOD Turf Artists and Monsters Artists

Copyright 2006 Von Fanel. All rights corrupted.