by Crispy
Sneak past the guards and escape with their treasure in this fast-paced multiplayer game. Now includes computer players!
As part of a team of thieves, sneak into a mansion, steal a closely-guarded treasure, and escape without being caught. As part of a team of guards, try and stop them!

After a long wait, version 6 has finally been released. Enjoy!

Bug reports, suggestions, and all other feedback should be directed to the forum. Failing that, email me!

Changes in this version

  • Thieves now supports multiple maps! The host can choose the map to play on before the game starts.
  • New feature: HUD map. All players are now provided with a HUD map, which they can toggle on and off. While not always completely accurate, this map will show most points of interest.
  • New enemy: Civilians. Civilians are NPCs that cannot attack. Upon sighting or hearing a thief, they will yell for help.
  • Gameplay fix: Previously, the blue sound circles would only show up if they were in view. This has now been fixed, making sound a much more important component of Thieves than it used to be! Hopefully this move will result in turning Thieves into a more strategic game. Tread quietly, there!
  • New feature: If you try and fail to move diagonally, you will automatically be moved in an adjacent direction. This simple yet amazingly useful feature was used to great effect in Lummox JR's Scream of the Stickster, and I decided it would also be useful in Thieves. In fact, I'd like this to be a common feature in many games!
  • You can no longer attack your teammates. Hopefully this will encourage more team cooperation!
  • The AI bots have been made more intelligent, correctly pathing their way through doors and around light sources.
  • Bots are now randomly named, using AbyssDragon's NameGenerator library. Subscribing hosts can still rename bots to whatever they like.

Thanks to:

  • Deadron (the Pathfinding library, help with getting it to work properly, and moral support early on)
  • Shadowdarke (sd_DynamicAreaLighting library)
  • Lummox JR (Two things from Scream of the Stickster: the "Round time remaining" snippet, and its handling of failed diagonal moves.)
  • AbyssDragon (The default "Enhanced Burglary" game mode, when games used to be too short)
  • Dracimor (Being Thieves's first really enthusiastic fan!)
  • Exadv1 (Being Thieves's second really enthusiastic fan, and suggesting so many features that I was forced to reject most of them!)
  • Garthor (For whining about certain minor problems so much that I fixed them the very same day!)
  • Spuzzum, Roara, Garthor, Stealth2k, and Mrhat99au for creating six of the seven maps. Way to go guys!
  • Everyone I forgot!