DragonBall: New Universe 2-D

by Malak_6969
DragonBall: New Universe 2-D
Making new dbz game, looking for iconers, coders, enfourcers, an host.
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: GFX :

Looking for coder.

: HOST :
Looking for Host.





1. Do not (DA) Death Avoid - By Logging Out before being Killed. (Warn - Boot - 24 Ban)

2. Do not (FA) Filter Avoid - By useing @*&$% Ect. to Avoid Mute. ( Warn - Mute - Boot - 24 Ban)

3. Do not ask for GM in OOC or Whisper fill out a Application on the Forum. ( Must follow Guide Lines)

4. Dont ask for Edits, lvls, Zenni or revive. ( Warn - Mute - Boot - Ban)

5. No AFK Training with Cheat Programs. ( Speed Gear or Recorder )

6. No multikeying allowed, if you are 2 different people playing on 2 different PCs. Contact a Enforcer to be Checked out.

7. Do not dis- repected and Staff, Enforers or Players. ( Warn - Boot - 24 Ban)

8. Do not abuse any bugs, report them to an enforcer or on Forum. ( Warn - Boot - Ban)

9. Only English in OOC. ( Warn - Mute - Boot)

10. Do not Spam URL or Advertise in Sever. ( Mute - Boot - Perm Ban)




1. Do not Restore Players lvls or stats without Proof. (SS) Screen Shot.

2. Do not Mute - Boot - Ban Players just because you dont like them.

3. Dont bring your Personal Probelms into game.

4. Do not edit yourself or other Players. ( Demoted- Ban)

5. Do not Revive Players unless they are dead on Earth.

6. Do not Make Items for Players or Yourself.

7. Do not revive yourself for no Reason Walk Snake Way like Players.

8. Dont Abuse your Powers just for the Fun on it. ( Warn - Demoted - Ban)

9. Do not Mute - Boot - Ban - Players just cause your having a Bad Day, Leave Game.

10. All Staff and Enforcers must do there Jobs. By helping Players if needed.

11. Do not summon Players just to Kill them. ( Demoted - Ban)

12. Do not Bug Abuse, Report any Bugs to Game Owner.




The staff of DB:NU believes that people should rank games only if they love the game and think it deserves to be ranked, and as a result we do not offer rank bonuses. It is important to us that we obtain an honest, fair rank and that our work is gauged and evaluated with integrity; we are against the unfair ranking that rank boosts cause.

Because we do not offer ranking bonuses, it is obvious that our rank truly reflects the success and quality of our game, and it shows that we did not have to resort to bribing our players to get to where we are today. All the same, we hope our players will rank our game to support us, but only if they feel we deserve it and if they love our game; not because they were offered cheap in-game advantages.

We also encourage other games to take our stance to make rankings fair. If you support our belief feel free to copy this message into your Hub.

Thanks To BLN for the Ranking Policy , and to all the Players! We wouldnt be here without you.

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