Project Talon

by Justin Knight
Project Talon
Multi-crew spaceship game in the making; come and check it out!
For any of you who have played Deadly Waters, the systems in this game will be similar to you. However, instead of just one player controlled sub, there can be multiple player controlled space ships!

Each ship will require at least 3 people to operate it fully. These three people will belong to three divisions: Command/Control, Weapons, and Engineering. Everyone plays their role in the well functioning of their ship.
the concept sounds great. Would love to see this game become a hit on the main hub. Hope you finish it dude
Hey! This is a very old project it seems but i love it! Honestly this is bit corny but oh, my, god! Could i participate in this one? I am a pretty good artist. Well, if you are still making this.
Hello, thank you for the support. I'm not really actively working on Project Talon anymore because, well, life has gotten in the way really. I graduated college in 2013, I was working full time in the IT field for 6 months before I was let go. That was nearly a year ago now, actually. I haven't had a career job since.

While Project Talon is basically my "dream game," a lot of my friends who don't use BYOND said it is better suited for a different game engine. I don't foresee myself charging people for my BYOND games, and I have never made a penny off of them in the past. While this sounds strictly like a monetary issue, many IT jobs don't really consider BYOND to be experience because it's not a standard programming langauge (although it's similar to C/C++). So it's strictly a hobby kind of thing, really. On another note, I'm 25 and now the vast majority of my friends seemed to have outgrown BYOND.

Oh, and this isn't the actual forum for Project Talon.

Project Talon has a sub-forum on the Deadly Waters forum, you need a register an account to reveal all the boards on there.

If I really had a following that wanted me to develop it, it would be on that forum. But those forums are dead, there probably hasn't been an actual post in like a year.