Bleach: Lost Souls

by Biggzhhs
Bleach: Lost Souls
Welcome to Bleach: Lost Souls
So not to push the subject but does anyone know a general time frame other than a day when this is going to be done. Like an hour or something?
Wait till 2morrow..Promise
Thx sin.
When is the game coming out?
Damn this shit needs to hurry up... Im fiending for some BLS!!!
We are busy making a new project for BLS,Since getting the game up has become a problem and we are searching for a different(Don't even ask) way to put the game up we have the free time to majorly update the game in a new way. Beta testing (If we are doing beta testing you know its bad ass)will probably be in Xmas break sometime,Please be patient with us :( we will not disappoint you again.
Alright fer sure bro.. Hit me up if you need a legitament tester.. ill give you some feedback and everything.. Add me.. Homeaway
:) <3
You're welcome <3 Need anything else GFXing wise don't be afraid to ask :3
When server will be online again?
Ah, The good old time on Bls Hopes it comes back soon :)
why is BlS off?
Shit man , i missed this game. It was the only reason i played Byond. :(
The people playing the game were nice people :D
I made a lotta friends from this game but its gone now :(
anyone remember kagemaru? :)
hey plis start bleach lost souls im a leal fan but man, you are gonna to lose fans so PLISS START BLS
<font color=blue> Um, when will the game be on? I really want to play. Or are updates going on.
Yo lol i Miss BLS i still code ven though i quit Byond when BLS went down if u need help with updates and icons or mapping and crap PM me Lemme KNow id love to Play the game again
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