by F0lak
Role-play a fantasy life set in a completely player-developed world!
Relive the glorious days of a pixelated roleplay in Hazordhu Classic!

In the world of Hazordhu, you delve into a roleplaying environment set in a medieval-fantasy world. Explore a vast world full of dangers and wonders. Will you become a mighty ruler, a rich land-owner, a wandering bard, a fearsome bounty hunter, or will you forge your own destiny in this timeless classic?

Choose from 4 distinct backgrounds, begin as a humble peasant, and develop your skills to become whatever you wish to be!

Roleplay your fantasy life with tools and skills specifically tailored to an immersive gameplay experience

Create groups to unlock new items and customizable gear!

Many more features to be found inside!

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Best. RP. Game. EVER. Keep it up, F0lak!
It just keeps getting better F0lak, keep it up.
Add some meaningful medals and we can get this game on the list for MMA.
The best game I played in years! I love this game. From the staff, to the players. Just keep it up!
this is the coolest rpg game ever keep it up FOlak!!!!!!!!!!!
A truly original peice of artwork. Continue with the awesomeness, F0lak
Addicting... and of the best games on BYOND!
A fun game, great community too.
Very nice roleplaying game. I like to join in once in awhile and play with the overall other nice players.
I approve of this game. Even if orcs keep kicking my ass.
One if the best RP games on Byond its just needs more people.
I love this game from the bottom of my heart to the top. Should be one of BYOND's top ten origional games. Great features, new updates, Great roleplay experiences. What could be better then this? 'Nuff said.
First, let me say I love this game. Second, I learned that if you meet the admin requirements, but are under 16, you can't be admin :(. Oh well, I still love this game :D
Can you please tell me where you can find the reqs for admin for this game....
Be over 16, and us feeling the desire to approach you.
A remarkable game with friendly players and a reasonable staff. I really can't stress enough how much I love this game. <3!
GREAT GAME just don't have enough time to play it >.> kinda wish there was a open source cause i might be losing internet soon! my opinion best game on b.y.o.n.d.
need help a man with key qfoTY8kB wanna block my house with barred gate he dont lock now and he can lock my house(with this gate) can any admin help and destroy this gate with walls?
sorry turas i didnt realise that was the only way in
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