Beyblade Elite

by Fat Albert
We now have bitbeast,Cyber bitbeast, a hud from when battling, also team battling , and alot more come join.
Gain cash buy bitbeast,blades and bitblades learn all moves and just be the greatest
Dude this better not fail like everyother Beyblade rip.
Yep it does fail.
stop hateing atleast he can do something
it keeps failing now i cant play this game i heard its cool
why cant i join the game?
I think this game needs AI for being able to play alone, and a bigger map... it could have a future if there were updates maybe...
can i host it and all u guys join
Im a temp. come and play!
I'll be hosting this game sometimes...
Could i get source?
Wow ppl some jocks y start hosting when i do wow.
someone freaking host and not always have a failed connection D:
can u host it?
I like this game so i'll try and host it some times. wot be 24/7 but should be alot
im hosting the game right now so
you can play it if you want to
how do u send out a bitbeast
I am hosting not 24/7 but alot now.
microphone ur server doesnt work
i cant JOIN
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