Beyblade Elite

by Fat Albert
We now have bitbeast,Cyber bitbeast, a hud from when battling, also team battling , and alot more come join.
duz it work now?
How to send out a bitbeast? Leave a comment and add on if my server doesnt work. For getting host files, download--->go--->press the yellow button which allows you to play the game throught dream seeker.
I Made new server
I made a Host its not 24/7 but i think that ppl can join this host but i hope it will be as long as i can open i live in netherlands so Enjoy
i hosting now!all can play!
To use ur beast Click the heart
Host it now
im hosting server no 24/7 i live in neterlands so enjoy

huh whut you mean?
Im from netherland too
Hey Guys, there is an old school DBZ game completely polished, original game play and graphics, fresh wipe just started. Check it out if your interested. byond://
will game not be getting anymore updates?
So does the owner get online anymore?
SOMEBODY PLAY THIS!!! Its a good game it just needs players.So someone host a server.
JAMMAL1232s 24/7 server
Who can host ?
can u guys help me please? i was playing this game from 2 days i learned all moves but when i restarted my internet and then i rejoined the game again my save is gone how i get it back? please tell!
That name sounds familiar. It's too bad I have low memory on people and then Mrosmandxp has low memory on names......
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