Scream of the Stickster Volume II: The Crayon Massacre

by Lummox JR
Scream of the Stickster Volume II: The Crayon Massacre
Even sketchier mayhem! More weapons, more ways to play, more ways to gruesomely perish!
In the first volume of Scream of the Stickster, courageous stick figures faced off against an insatiable monster prowling their beloved maze. Their victory came at a heavy price; they had to move on. After abandoning their shot-up home, the stick figures found a colorful activity book where they could settle down and rebuild.

Unbeknownst to them, their vicious nemesis the Stickster survived and followed their scent. Now they must fight him all over again. This time, they're a little better prepared. Littered about the maze are tools and weapons that can be used to evade or kill their common enemy. But the stress of their move has driven a wedge between the surviving clans, bringing squabbles over resources, territory, and family honor. As they fight, they may find that it's not just about killing off the Stickster anymore....

New challenges!
  • Team play
  • AI players to help or hinder you
  • Smarter Stickster AI
New ways to play!
  • Classic game
  • Team classic
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Team scavenger hunt
  • Capture the flag
  • Stick tag
  • Free-for-all!
  • Ink feud!
New weapons!
  • Crayon barrier
  • Eraser grenade
  • Typo-flage (invisibility)
  • Chalkporter
  • Paperclip traps
This game rocks Lummox JR please let me host it i can host only need the host files
sounds fun ^-^
It sounds like the best game in Byond, I wish I could play it.