Shaman King: Spirit Saga

by Leronx2
Shaman King: Spirit Saga
An epic Shaman King Anime/Manga based game that you will surely enjoy. A great Shaman King spin-off, giving you the side story of Yoh as Shaman King.
Then there will be like 500 shaman king rips on byond.
I don't give sources out so easily >_>
hey im looking to restart making this game and need people who can help any takers ?
Leronx2 wrote:
hey im looking to restart making this game and need people who can help any takers ?

heyy long time, i thought u gave up on this xD
im willin to join back the team but i might not be able to icon as often. link me back
i really want to play this game
Hey I know you got the host already, but if you need a 2nd host i would like to put my self forward :) My email is [email protected]
I want to ask is this game in development?
i want to play this game
T_T i looked all over the internet for a online shaman king game FOR NOTHING!?!?~!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! T_T i hate u ppl
put it on
Nope im the coowner is dead
I willing to help too :)
host this game
Host please.
I have the files...but I can't host unless I get a dedicated team to assist me with the updates. I need a team and I need people who are willing to play.
hey man im back to making icons for this game as well got a team back up and working on it, what happended was that i lost all the files, computer virus and everything is gone, was too busy with college to try fix things, but now i got the time, msg me on msn or byond pager and see if we can get this game going also have a host for the game as well.

lero[email protected] , be sure to send me a shaman king related msg so i know its you
yes this game is in development
for sure adding you to msn :)
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