Skyre - The Hunting Grounds 2

by Dagolar
Skyre is an army-based role-playing war game that combines the pieces of real RP with armies in a PvP war between good and evil. Currently in development.
Skyre (formerly knonwn as Skure) has been revived as a much different game.

You will play the leader of an army on the side of good, evil, or as an independent. The game closely resembles Heroes of Might and Magic except that you play only your own leader who progresses during his/her career, acquiring larger, stronger armies with more powerful units of warriors, mages, animals, and monsters. With over 350 units in the game, with each unit having 3 "super moves", the battle system is guaranteed to be superb, especially within the PvP setting.

Look for this one in playable alpha in early 2006. - Dagolar