Final Legends

by Dlbrooks33
Final Legends
A Final Fantasy RPG =). (Last Updated-7\11\08)
[Last Updated-7\11\08] - [Game Version (1.5)]

New Version Info
-Fixed ownership bugs. (For real this time)
-CHESTS! (There are 4 in town, can you find all 4? =D)
-Fixed various bugs involving the new town and overworld.
-Fixed more bugs.
-Added BANK
-Fixed some errors involving dissapearing bars and other things.

[Title] [Name in Game] [Byond Key] [GM Level]

[Owner] (Owner)Link [Dlbrooks33]: Master GM.
[Host] Jee/Shin [Jee5]: Level-4 GM.
[Host] Loki [Itchigo20]: Level-4 GM.
[GM] Lexeous-kun [Lexeous-kun]: Level-1 GM.