Shaded Seasons

by ATP Development
Enter a world of classic RPG gameplay in simply four colors.
ATP Development presents Shaded Seasons, a game created around the basis of using only 4 colors for the entire palette. The game has a classic, home-brewed feel to it, and is somewhat challenging and very nostalgic.

Programmer : Airjoe
Icon Artist: Pmac
Idealogist : Tommq

The current version of Shaded Seasons is for testing purposes only. We are releasing this version so that we may receive bug test reports regarding the errors we have not caught. Any cooperation is highly appreciated in the making of this game, thanks.
I like it, it can be a bit hard to see for me at times due to my own vision problems but it does have a nostalgic homemade feel and i enjoyed playing around with it. Most of these games are very creative and i wish they would still be worked on.