Advanced Dungeon Crawler

by Tony WK
Outwit, outsmart, or just overpower those around you! Be the first to discover what lies deep within the dungeon and become a Hero.
New News:
ADC is back up, sorry for the long downness, but I just got uninterested and was working on Ember Tale. Anyways, for all you lovers out there... ADC hasn't made any major feature additions, no new classes or anything like that (which there are enough of..right?) or anything spectacular. I've been debating if I should remove all the verbs itself and make a hub, but I'll save that for the future. If you're interested, then catch me on aim and we'll talk ADC.

Old News:
If you would like to leave -ANY- suggestions, please do so in the Hub Forum, I will take all feedback into careful consideration and I will reply.

For now, just enjoy the game. I've done some balancing issues, added afew items, and have much more to come. Like I said, if you have any suggestions or request, please feel free to post them in our forum, or contact me on aim at Spades Deluxe.

The objective of the game is to find the treasure which is buried somewhere inside the dungeon, along time way you'll find many artifacts and items that'll help you build up your points for the final score, as well as aid you in killing the many creatures that lurk down here. Even other players! Goodluck, and enjoy.