by DDT
Because you're the janitor. And it's snot.


You've been reading the village paper, so you know the situation: Some mysterious force is attracting dragons to the region and then causing them to fall asleep. The King has offered his twin daughters to the brave man who can complete the quest to defeat the force and vanquish the dragons.

But you're not that man.

No, you're the town janitor, and you are having to deal with a much more dangerous problem: Dragon snot.

Yes, as it turns out a sleeping snoring dragon works up quite a batch of snot, and being dragon snot, it's pretty vile stuff. Not only that, it's headed for the village!

It's up to you to stop it by digging trenches to direct the snot away from the village.

You won't get any big rewards or the simultaneous pleasures of the King's daughters -- but if you're lucky you'll get to keep your job, which means your high school sweetheart will be able to marry you and you can dream about becoming middle class someday.

When the game starts, you will see an exit trench placed somewhere on the edge of the map. You need to direct your dragon's snot to this exit by placing trenches leading from the dragon to the exit.

1. To start the game, use the 'start round' command.

2. Select a trench shape by pressing one of the buttons on the left side of the simulator.

3. Dig the trench by clicking inside the map.

4. If you don't have the trench you need available, just start placing the current ones in random places until you get what you want. You can also replace existing trenches as long as they haven't already been filled with snot.

5. When you have connected the dragon to the exit, CLICK ON THE DRAGON to speed up your snot.

May the snot be with you but not on you.
Kyran29 wrote:
i agree WTF?

wtf i has just gone too my favorite while i hate this game

Pieter999 wrote:
wtf i has just gone too my favorite while i hate this game

Because you fail.

Why is this down?