Gears & Peers

by ACWraith
Gears & Peers
Crash bots. Collect their gears.
You can gain in-game benefits in Gears & Peers and other games through Fooldom Come!

This game has two modes. Both use simultaneous turns. The goal of one mode is to collect a set number of gears. In the other mode, players are eliminated when a set number of their gears are collected.

During a turn, players can:
  • Place bots.
  • Place a command module.*
  • Remove a command module.
Bots will move at the end of every turn. When they crash, matching gears are left behind. Those gears can be collected by other bots and are scored when the bots warp out.

*Command modules are chosen at the beginning of the game. Subscribers can choose their items manually. Non-subscribers will have them randomly assigned.
This game is nice. However it embodies what developers should not do while creating a game. Over complicated game.
HA! It's actually my attempt at a more casual game. =)

What do you find so complicated?
I was playing with Reformist... The only thing I understood was how to spawn bots orw/e you call them after reading the guide twice.

Also, I am pretty sure your next one will be wayyy better.
Along with some other changes, I made an attempt to simplify the help file with a recent update. See if it helps. =)