Junk Metal

by Calus CoRPS
Create in game scripts using the easily learned Gem+ language created by Calus CoRPS. Use these scripts to battle other bots. Build Survive is now Redefined

Calus CoRPS

About the game:
On February 20th, 2006, Calus CoRPS came up with a idea where you can create in game script using a language he created to make bots battle. That day Calus CoRPS started working on the project. In Junk Metal, it uses in game scripts using the Gem + language to control your bots actions. Gem + is a easily learned language with a help guide created by Calus CoRPS. You can earn gems by winning fights, destroying bots, and winning tournaments.

The Gem+ language and the Junk Metal game is very simular to Gerdan's Bot duel.

-Instead of SCANV, it is now VAR5.
-Search(NORTH); is now Search(FRONT); or BACK, RIGHT, LEFT.

-Fixed VAR6
-Added vars: VAR7, VAR8, VAR9, and VAR0.
-Added some new weapons, and armor.
-New Weapon: Pyro.
-Thanks to Flick Change bot color is now in.

-Fixed the SearchLine Bug.
-Added Armor.
-Added new command, Adding(VAR,NUMBER);. So for example, if the VAR was set at 3 and the NUMBER was 2 the var will now be 5.

-Added over 4+ weapons.

-Released the games host files.

7/19/06 (IMPORTANT)
-Walk North and South is now Forward and backward.
-Face East and West is now Right and Left

-Linux DS (text-mode only) has been put in

comming soon:
- GoTo(LINE#);
- Rand();
- StepCount();
- ResetCount();