Bleach: Breed of Destruction

by Unwanted4Murder
Bleach: Breed of Destruction
MMORPG based on Bleach. Updated often. Come play!
Hey man thanks for posting those files I just have to say when I started hosting I didn't get Gm and stuff so when ever you have time can you please fix that cause idk what is going on thanks :D
Also you might have posted the wrong files rob, cuz this version is old, not the one we have currently
Hey, so am I blind or are the host files gone ? Just come back to Byond after a good absence and was in the mood for some Breed of Destruction. Been reading through here I should be able to host 24/7 if needed.
Link to the host files is on the hub, underneath "A Whole New Breed"
Hey sorry I explained that like an idiot, found the link but I was just re-directed to the filedropper homepage not the files themselves. May just be me, any chance you can send me them directly ?
.... So... is this game ever coming back... or you done with this and you're moving on with life? Since you got a baby now and all..
Hi...eeeeer....for someone reason...someone named...Pierrot just banned me for no reason...soooo....i was giving that game a chance...but its seens have immatures/abusers admins...this game just lost a bleach fan gamer ^_^
huh. this new link is still not the most recent and no Gm powas... just saying :D
It's defo the most recent my dude. Came straight from the BoD 2.5 folder in my DropBox, which is where we collab on updates. So unless Phil's hiding shit from me it's legit the newest version.

Also, it gave me GM without logging into my account when I tried running it locally, but I wasn't using Daemon, so maybe that's the issue.
Hmmm, the problem is that there are no quincies, hud's the old one and you can't go through trees in earth. I remember the most recent version not being like that... correct me if i'm wrong
also, ichigo quest are completely broken
Now that you mention it, I think I actually did lose some stuff. I was working on BoD v3 for awhile there and I'm not sure where I stored it. Dunno what you mean about the HUD, but that's probably what happened to the quincies.

As for the Ichigo quests, make sure that the folder "Map Savefiles" is stored in the same directory that you're hosting from, otherwise the quests will just fuck up 100%.
By Hud i mean that i remember you made a new bar thing for HP rei and exp, but on this version it's not the same
Yeah, I remember that. Huh. I sincerely cannot remember what computer I did that work on. I figured the DropBox would be the newest version, but either it didn't save or I was working locally because I cannot find a single piece of BoD v3. If it's on my wife's computer we're fucked - that laptop is completely toast.
Oh god no
So all that time of working on coding for v3 might be completely lost?!
Well, my wife says I was definitely working on BoD on her laptop and there are no traces of v3 on my computer, sooo...

If anybody wants to donate to get her laptop fixed to retrieve the newest version of an 8 year old game, be my guest, cuz I certainly don't have the money for it right now. lol
Shit.... at least it's fixable right? Makes me wish i had money to spare :(
Yeah, it's fixable, we just don't really know what the problem is. It just straight up stopped turning on one day. :/

I can probably con my mom into getting it fixed for her birthday, but that's not til March.
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