Pokemon Advanced Network

by Divinitey
Pokemon Advanced Network
An Original Pokemon Roleplay! No Way...?
There's no words to Describe this game=^--^=, but Original. You'll love it trust me >.^
I was banned for no reason :(

-Sharpy Matthews
if anyone knows can someone tell me how to get past oria town and find pokemon
Nice owner , awsome community :3

There is nowhere to go in this game.

The new update is awesome.
Can't forget a different game like this,
Fun/weird community ggameood

Somehow I just had a random flashback of this game. I remember the days. Back please D:
I remember when I was about 7 years old and playing this game with my sister and I think the owner. At one point Divinity got angry cos I typed really slow, and it was a short sentence. I'll never forget this game. I wish it'd come back. It's one of the good games.
I would love to get the source to this game and make it better. Better traveling, more pokemons, NPCs for side-missions, graphic design also whatever players suggest is a decent addition to the development and more. If you want to reach, add me to your pager and post it here: Click Here