Midnight Murder

Midnight Murder
Oh the drama, the insanity, and the creative use of items as weapons? Stick mayhem at its best and worst!
All 100% original icons(Is that good or bad?) and coding(with no libraries and demos!).

April 10, 2004- Just started this morning, its 7:32 EST now and I have almost all the basics done, including an AI system. Excuse the poor graphics.

April 13, 2004- Just fixed AI code and starting a game, which can still be improved. Added the ability to slam another player's head into a counter, shove them into a fireplace, or slam a door in their face!

April 15, 2004- Gas canisters and burning sticks now work. I haven't seen any errors in a long time so I think the game is ready to be released. In place of the old, boring text damage display, there is now a little number that pops up showing damage dealt.

April 16, 2003- Midnight Massacre will be released today. Please report any bugs to the game's forum. Added the Molotov Cocktail, instant kill with a big splash damage range. Currently, you won't get credited for kills with it, this will be fixed in the next version.

April 17, 2004 - Followed Abra's advice. Fixed the Molotov Cocktail bug. Added some Click procs to make the interface smoother, click on signs, other players, fireplaces, items, curtains, doors etc. to use them. Going to add some .wav's, if anyone can find/donate some, I would appreciate it.

August 12, 2004 - Did some fixes and level tweaks.

A defining factor I hope to use is that everything is a weapon at your disposal. From stools to firearms, you can unlease some havoc.


Mansion Massacre-A large mansion with some outdoor areas is the setting for this match. Includes a kitchen, bedroom, living room, garage, and courtyard like area. Features a wide range of weaponry.

Woodland Stroll- The woods surround you as you fight other players with nature themed weaponry.

Country Club- A lovely resort with a golf course, tennis court, a maintenence shed, and a battle spanning the entire level! Fight with recreational and tool themed weapons mixed with a few from other types.

Beachfront Brawl- Sort of like the sequel to Woodland Stroll, this level contains part of a forest leading up to a sandy beach. Locations include a forest house and a tennis court on the beach. Weaponry ranges from natural, recreational, and misc. types.

Overburn- Pyrotechnics rule this level. Burn the competition with fire type weaponry. If you can't find any weapons, grab a stick and burn it in one of the many fireplaces littering the area, then turn other people's gasoline trails against them!

Techno- Whoaaa! Flashing colored tiles and a symetric level design will disorient you as you fight your enemies with Toasters, Blenders, and Stun Guns. Start points are in the centers of each room, so keep moving or you will get jumped!

Western Wallop - A Western themed setting complete with cactuses and tumbleweeds. Fight in a jail, a saloon, and out in the desert! The weaponry includes things from the Old West.

Midnight Mutiny - This level contains a fleet of boats and islands to do battle on. You can find a cannon to take out any opposition easily, they come in handy since there aren't many weapons other than rocks and bottles strewn about the coastline.