Allright, I want to announce that the game me and Angel Hikaru are working on, is going to be Angelic Layer Online. If anybody has read the manga, watched the anime, or played the game(Which you would need to be able to read japanese to do) Then you should know what this is. Otherwise I'll give a quick synopsis of the gmae, first you start out with a blank doll, pick what you want them to look like, and their atributes(height weight srength defense and such) Then basicly you find another Duex(player) and fight their doll with yours, pretty simple so far right? Well we're hoping to have it worked out so that the different equips you can get(such as armor and weapons) will also effect your stats( Speed, strength, agility) Also we're hoping to incorporate a lot of different attacks into the fighting system. Its sort of like a mix of pokemon and DMO(for the Layers(or deuling tables to make it simpler)) other than that I can't really go into it much, I want everybody to know that we do need help, because unfortunatly we are novices. If you would like to help, or if you know of somebody who can and have asked them if they want to help, or if you want to post anything about the game (Ideas and such) or just say hi or whatever, feel free to post. Although I will not allow you to harrass anybody else on my site, got that? if you do, I can ban you, you understand. Thanks for reading! =)