by Zaltron
An advance map editor that'll save intp .dmp format.
A very nice map editor that'll save maps as .dmp files so you can edit them in Dream Maker as well as Dream Seeker, I've been a bit lazy on this project I haven't added in saving for multiple zlevels, it'll only save 1 zlevel as of now, I may change that later on.

What's so great about this? Here are some features:

- Autoshaping turf.
- using chipstes, no programming required(must import the chipset into a .dmi file, I may change that in an update).
- Flood Command.
- Mass building things such as houses, trees, ect...
- Easy Layer changing and density changing.
- Fast Saving and Loading, not as fast as DreamMaker but pretty fast for saving it in Dream Seeker.
- Instructions inside the Map Editor(in DreamSeeker).
- Many shapes to build with.
- And Eraser.
- I'm sure there's a few others.

Future Updates:
- No need to import chipsets into .dmi files.
- (All icon_states used will be put into a new icon file to keep the file size smaller when hosting to game for others to join.) or (Using chipsets to replace .dmi files).
- Multiple zlevel saving.

I would love more commented code here.