DragonBallZ: Epic Universe

by Sharp
After over a Years pause, it's back by demand. Version 4 underworks!!!
Version 3:
*Guild Items Are In
*Fixed up some bugs with Frieza and Cell.
*Added in a new Aura Type(See Videl for info).
*Added in Planet Vegeta.
*Added in 2 new enemies.
*Added in Super Ghost Kamikaze
*Tweeked around with the training a little bit.
*Added a new SSJ3 hair, for the Goku hair only.
*Redid the Space pods interior.
*Fixed a minor bug in the Spirit Ball, and Spirit Bomb moves.

~Look for more stuff in Version 3.5~

This is a Great DBZ Game in the making, join it and give it a try. You'll be suprised to find out how great it is.
better be good
really look for it
I really want this game back up. The host should host it or Sharp should give me the host files or Source so i can update this game and make it better...
When is this game going to be online?
The delete feature needs to get up and going please. I made 3 characters trying to decide who I wanted. I need to delete what I dont want.
dude o cant find frieza. where is he
could the owner of the game host this orrr get a host please?
Someone please host this or share the host files O.O
I demand to recieve host files so i can host this!!
My game isn't necessarily epic universe, but I have a lot of elements from it like the build zone