by XxDohxX
A BYOND version of pictionary!
In the world of painting and guessing, you and your enemies compete to be the next artist. Simple, right? Not as easy as you think. Come on in, and experience the competition, and see if you are an intellectual imaginative artist!

1) 2300+ words.
2) A variety of useful tools, such as line, circle, square, flood, and spray tools.

I would just like to thank all of you, who are BYOND members and are supporting BYOND, and also supporting Paint by adding it to your favorites and getting it to the rank where it is today! Thanks guys, I appreciate it a lot and keep on enjoying the game!

Similiar to Pictionary.
I'd like to request host files be made public.
F0lak wrote:
I'd like to request host files be made public.

They already are. Check your local Casual guild. Right side menu, fifth box down.
Couldn't find them and this game doesn't seem to be hosted anymore.
Yo, if anyone has the host files...hit me up :)
Host Files now hosted on BYOND, again.