Death Note: L Is For Logic

by Gamemaster669
Death Note: L Is For Logic
Become a murderer, or a saviour. Kill the evil, or save the innocent. Can you become god, or can you stop an evil killer? Play now and find out.

Team Members and Such:

MattYu - Iconner...

Charliegrooms14 - Idiot with barely a thing to do

other than editing two icons and fooling with the hub.

Shadic-The-Hedgehog - Inspirational Help

Gamemaster669 - Owner, Iconner, Coder

Morgan Jennings - A small bit of icon work
SKWID - The skwid team (above) is responsible for a small chunk of randomness.


3/04/09 - Host Files made availabe

3/06/09 - Coded a bit more systems
3/07/09 - Edited gun firing code.

Important Information:

If you are a willing pixel artist that can help me out contact Matt or Mail at [email protected]

This game is copyright of Mail Avourlace. If you take any part of the source code it is illegal and will be reported to BYOND staff. The icons themselves, with exception of the base icon and clothes for it, are made completely by DNL, and under no circumstances should be used..
In need of a GFXer, Mapper (You get a MAP SRC, so no need to apply if your soul interest is to rip my code and screw with my game), and Iconner.

Death Note ideas and concepts are Tsugumi Ohba and/or their respective owners.
Copyright 2009 Death Note: L Is For Logic. All rights reserved

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