DBZ Babadis )V(ajins Unleashed

by Lord LuBui
DBZ Babadis )V(ajins Unleashed
ahhh see what put me on the map that also started LLBP sadly no can play i might even stop makin this game
*VERY INPORTANT* every thing you need to know is on the forums BUT you can't read them untill you sigh up it don't take that long so plz doDBZ Babadi's )V(ajins Unleashed is Thee game moves and transes that NO OTHER GAME HAS.Every char will have at least four transes from andrionds to nameks and trust me there good.I will be host my own game. I mixed the real DBZ stuff with my stuff to make the Ultamate game.
hurry come and stop babadi.
GM's: None So far
GM's levels: MGM=highest
Level 1 GM= Next To Highest
Level 2 GM=
Level 3 GM=
Level 4 GM=Lowest
Host: Lord Sin -The True Lord Sin-
Game Owner:Lord Sin -The True Lord Sin-
mapper: Lord Sin -The True Lord Sin-
music by: SeeMore -SeeMore-
iconest made/edited by: -The True Lord Sin-
pretty much the whole game.

I would like to thank the folowing people for there help and there suport:
The true Lord Sin <--Thats me =D
Ssdave - Ssdave -
Javster - Javster -
volkov - Volkov911 -
arius - BlackBirdOmega -
Sin-sinio -
Dark Buu - Null``~ -
Lord LuBu - Lord LuBu Jr.-<that account i had
but i have now given up.

On another note i dont know how to work the forums so your just going to have to add me to your friends list or if FR is up u should be on my game if im not working on it.
-------------------------------------------------Like i said before this is a Test Hud
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