Darke Dungeon

by Shadowdarke
Fantasy action adventure with boundless possibilities! Each server can be a unique customized world.
Constructive criticism is welcome :) Drop me your ideas, complaints and suggestions in the forum.

  • 12 elements form 4 trinities of elemental interactions.
  • Dozens of status effects are available and many more are in the works.

  • All items may carry an element and a status effect, though several items do not invoke elemental and/or status attacks.
  • Set traps made from nearly any item, including spells.

  • Infinite persistent dungeons may be researched to explore. Flexible random dungeon generation creates limitless maps for players to explore, but if they choose to come back to an interesting place later, it will still there.
  • Subscribers may own personal and clan estates and spend their money to build them any way they desire.
  • Unused dungeons will automatically be purged on a time scale determined by the server host.

  • Tame critters to make them loyal pets that will grow in power and experience as they do your bidding.
  • Summon critters to command for a short time.

Unique Worlds
  • Server hosts have control of a wide variety of settings to tweak the game experience.
  • Game Masters can create new and unique critters to populate dungeons and even allow any of them as player character races.
  • Game Masters may design unique items for their server and make them an integral part of their Darke Dungeon world through the item prototype system.

  • Multiple input methods (keyboard commands or mouse actions) for commonly used commands.
  • Low clutter HUD display may be positioned where you like it.
  • Turn command panel(s) on and off.
  • Select your preference of 4 movement styles.
CyberLee, I really apreciate your interest in the game, but please keep the comments clean.
Sorry about the server going down earlier today. My electricity suddenly cut off. Everything's fixed and we're back online now. :)
Uh... I somehow got banned automatically when I denied a party request.

Darke Dungeon has banned you from the game because:
Automated ban for illegal use of administration commands..

No fricken idea how that was managed.
This game is great and all, but it needs to be on more, seriously. Dx
Otherwise, great job.
Okay it's been probably about 2 weeks since I've seen this game on.
Someone needs to make a 24/7 server...
NanoMan2 wrote:
Okay it's been probably about 2 weeks since I've seen this game on.
Someone needs to make a 24/7 server...

http://shadowdarke.byondhome.com/dd/hub/ DDhub.dmb?empty=1&offln=1 will show you when the latest dates have been on. I hosted about 9 days ago. Sorry if you missed that session.

Darke Dungeon is still going through some important fixes before I release it. I have a few hours tomorrow to pound out some of the problems. Look for another hosted session soon after I get all the errors, like Winter Tails accidental auto ban, fixed.
Where is the download link, the website leads me to the beyond page, all that is on the beyond page is the website link and the become a beyond member link. So I became a member to start a darke dungeon server...but where do I go from here?
Shadowdarke STILL has yet to release DarkeDungeon. All we can really do is wait.
D4RK3 54B3R wrote:
Shadowdarke STILL has yet to release DarkeDungeon. All we can really do is wait.
prolly wont happen id rather see a new version of tanks X_X
Is there an odd chance to see the game in action, or some screen shoots?
I was made aware of it's neat use of the browser element for GUI elements through hearsay, but couldn't manage to gather any details, so I'd like to learn more on this aspect.

Thank you in advance for any possible feedback.
The main trouble with me hosting it right now is that I'm sharing bandwidth with 4 roommates, and as soon as the upstream gets clogged by my BYOND server, at least two of them will be pounding on my door wondering why WoW isn't responding to their input.

I'm considering releasing the beta version of the game so that people can enjoy it, since I haven't been working on it like I should. It's buggy, partially finished, and far from what I wanted it to be, but people still want to play it.

[edit] In the mean time, you can see captures of several of the browser interfaces in the online Darke Dungeon Manual at http://shadowdarke.byondhome.com/dd/index.dmb?page=Manual
Have you considered using subscriptions to finance a cheap VPS?
Schnitzelnagler wrote:
Have you considered using subscriptions to finance a cheap VPS?

That's an option, but one of the early design decisions was to allow multiple servers. I was very reluctant to let go of the host files before it was finished to my standards. It's been over a year since i did any significant work on it though, so I figure it's time to let the fans play on their own terms.

You should be able to download the game now.
Bring up the server more often so we can see more!
Darke Dungeon beta has been released. You can download and play it now for free! :)

If you want to host the game for others to join you, you'll have to be a BYOND member or GM subscriber. You can find out more about the features available to BYOND Members and subscribers at http://shadowdarke.byondhome.com/dd/ index.dmb?page=Subscriptions
This game reminds me of Darke Saber :c
Shadowdarke, I have a question. As a Darke Dungeon Gamemaster, I would like a feature called 'hidehair' in prototypes, as I had designed a steel helm, but found that it looked silly when it was big enough to cover hair, and when it was normal size, the hair showed through the steel helm. Is this possible, and can you add it please? I would greatly appreciate it.
That's a great idea, Sawrock :) I'll see what I can do. It might cause a few problems with critter types that do not use the option icon for hair, but I can impliment it and see how it goes. I'll log this in the feature requests.
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